Opinions Needed…Please

As many of you know I am working on the costumes for this year’s National Polka Festival. I have completed the construction of the men’s vests and now I need to embellish them. If you look at the costumes from last year you can see how the ribbon, sequins, etc. go around the outer edge of the vests. Please help me pick out which trim to use on this year’s vests from the photos below.
I have numbered them and you can just leave me a comment letting me know which one you would pick. Also, if you have any ideas on variations, let me know that too!! The vests are black and lined with silver. All the trims are silver and some of them have red in them. My skirt is red and I will be dancing with my father who will be wearing one of the men’s vests. So, the ones with red might blend the costumes together…I just don’t know…Which one do you like the most?  (Remember, these are costumes, not everyday attire, so flashy is not a bad thing…)
Vest 1 Vest 2

Vest 3 Vest 4

Vest 5 Vest 6

Vest 7

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