New Socks and Ebenezer Goes to Orange Beach, AL

I have started a new sock pattern called “Updraft” by Melanie of Pink Lemon Knits.  This pattern has cables in it and so this will be a first for me.  Wish me luck…progress photos will be forthcoming…

This week we headed to our favorite local beach for some much needed R&R and some seafood.  During one of our pit stops for gas, a lady actually rolled down the window on her (Huge) Cadallic and asked me if I would consider selling Ebby!!   I declined and let her pet her for a minute and then we were on the road again.

Thursday we rode our bikes on a trail here in Orange Beach.  It was interesting getting on a bicycle for the first time in 10 years.  I had a motorcycle recently, yes, but this thing you have to power yourself.  Ouch!!  Anyway, it was the first time for Ebby to experience the terror thrill of riding a bike trail with her momma.  She was cold, terrified, excited, happy and exhausted.

Hugh S. Branyon Back Country Trail

Ebby's First Bike Ride

Today we took the bikes to the National Seashore Park at Perdido Key.  After riding, we took Ebby out to experience her first sand and sea adventure.  She loved the sand, was not so cool with the water.  It was too cold to go in and she was basically uninterested in the incoming waves.  The seashells and other floatsam was way more fun!!

Mmmm, Salty!!

Mmmm, Salty!!

Big, Big Ocean!!

Big, Big Ocean!!

Tomorrow we head home and get back to work.  My muse has been stirring lately, so you can expect to see another knit a long coming very soon.  Fair Winds

7 thoughts on “New Socks and Ebenezer Goes to Orange Beach, AL

  1. Good times indeed!!
    Ebby is so adorable!!!
    I’m visiting a friend in Miami Beach for Spring Break this year. These beach pics are making me want to be there already, LOL.
    I’m going to make a point to find a few hours to sit and knit on the beach!!!
    Know of any yarn shops I should check out? I’ve already found a group on Ravelry that gets together weekly at the Barnes and Nobles at Sunny Isles….. LOL.

  2. It looks so tranquil and relaxing…I’m so jealous! Ebby is cute as ever, and I hope she enjoyed her first day at the beach. Was Blazer along, too? I hope you and Scott had a great time away, and are relaxed and ready for the new year!

  3. I would love to know where you got that dog carrying pouch! My new baby, Tipper, would love it (or rather, I would love to be able to carry him while I ride).

    Ebby is just so sweet!

    Beth in PA

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