Goodbye 2008, Bring On 2009!

I did not want to do the typical “What did I do in 2008” post, as the last one of the year.  Nor, did I want to do a “What is in store for 2009”.  So, to mark the passage of this past year and the beginning of another I thought the following photos would suffice.

Civil War Shawl BeginningCivil War Shawl Progress

We enjoy attending the NCAA Men’s Auburn Basketball games every year and I take my knitting along.  The photo on the left was the beginning of the Civil War Shawl during last year’s (2007-2008) season.  The one on the right is from this season, one year later.  I am almost to the edging and it is actually a lot bigger than it looks.

Happy New Year to everyone, Safe Travels and Fair Winds!

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