Christmas Knitting Swap Present Revealed

This year, I have been fortunate to make many new internet friends via my Secret of the Stole knit-a-long groups.  So, in lieu of participating in an official, organized, internet knitter’s swap this year, I chose one person that I had become friends with and asked her if she would like to be my Christmas Swap Partner this year.  She accepted and we have had a lot of fun picking out gifts for each other over the last 6 weeks, or so.

Yesterday, we hooked up via Skype video chat and opened our boxes together.  We both have dogs (children) and both enjoy lace knitting immensly.  She included a fur coat, a stylin’ sweater, and a very prissy dress for Ebby in the package as well as a dinosaur nylabone for the Blaze.  He has taken to sleeping on top of it for safekeeping.  I will spare you the photo of that…  Thanks Erin for all the really cool gifts!  Here is a photo of the contents of my totally awesome box of Christmas goodies:

Whoo Hoo, look at all the swag!!

Whoo Hoo, look at all the swag!!

Merry Christmas (or whatever else you may be celebrating) Everyone!!!  See you on the flipside…

2 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting Swap Present Revealed

  1. Wheee! That’s a wonderful box of swag! I’ve got one of those “Good to Go” bags, and I love it! (I’m curious, though… what are “Natural Choke Crunchy Treats”? I’m hoping something with artichokes…!)

    Happy Christmas!!

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