I’ve Been Knitting

Remember when you all voted and chose my next knitting project to cast on?  You all chose the Way of Life Stole.  After a frogging episode, I finally got on a roll with this one and this is what it looks like so far.  It is about 20% complete.

Way of Life Stole

Here is a close up of the lace pattern.

Way of Life Stole - Close Up

I have also been working on the Rona Shawl.  Here is the proof…

Rona Shawl in Progress

Rona Shawl in Progress

Tonight, I also finished this year’s hat for my grandson.  So far I have given him a Christmas hat every year of his life.  He will now have three.  Photos of the hat tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Knitting

  1. Both projects are GORGEOUS, DK! Great job so far, and congrats on finishing the hat. I bet he will look back on all of them and remember the love and care you took to make them. He’s a lucky, lucky little boy.

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