Once A Girl Scout

There is just something about being a scout when growing up that never leaves you.  Perhaps it is the ability to be creative in finding ways to solve problems.  Or, perhaps it is the little bits of knowledge you obtain regarding just plain survival techniques.  Scouting just gives kids more common sense abilities to solve basic survival issues, in my humble opinion.

So, in the spirit of scouting and camping, etc., this Friday we are having the 7th and 8th grade boys from our church out to our property for an overnight camp out.  They are pitching tents, cooking burgers, and doing whatever it is that boys that age do, in the presence of male chaperones, on a Friday night in the woods (games, ghost stories and a camp fire are planned).  Then on Saturday morning, Mr. K and I are hosting breakfast for the guys at our place, around our outdoor patio fire pit.  The boys will be able to help in the cooking by making their own biscuits on sticks.

Biscuit on a Stick

Mr. K and I wanted to make sure that we had the procedure down correctly, so, this was what we had for dinner last night.  If you have never made Biscuits on a Stick before the details are as follows.


  • Wooden dowel or, more authentically, a long stick from woods
  • Canned biscuits
  • Willing participants

Take a biscuit and mash flat and long.  Wrap the biscuit dough around the end of the stick.  Rotate over fire until baked (about 8 minutes, or until hair on fingers is singed off, whichever comes first).  Remove from stick by twisting slightly.  Insert cooked sausage, jelly, honey, etc.  Enjoy.

Biscuit on a Stick

5 thoughts on “Once A Girl Scout

  1. There is a name for this that I can’t quite recall. I first read about these in my mother’s old Girl Scout manual a very long time ago.

    I’m disappointed that my daughters weren’t able to pursue scouting past 4th grade. There was a dearth of leaders, and, while I led for one year, I wasn’t able to do more than that for health and work reasons. I think they really missed out. And all three of them are desparately afraid of insects (which would have been cured by camping.)

  2. I knew that you mean! I have been a Scout since I was 6 years old (I’m 17 now). I have received my Gold Award and Leadership Torch, and am now mentoring another group of younger girls– Brownies. It’s so great that I’m able to pass on all my knowledge to the next generation.

    C’mon, you all still know the words: “On my honour, I will try…”

  3. They are fun. I have made them into a tube shape with the very end closed and then you fill them with ice cream and toppings of your choice. 🙂

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