Last Night’s Discovery

Many of you know from previous posts that I like to knit from charts displayed on my computer screen.  When I was using the PC, I used an application called jruler, which I could drag across the screen and place just below the line on the chart that I was working on.  Since I have moved to the Mac, I have not been able to find a ruler program that works the same way.

This was driving me crazy and when that happens I start to improvise!  I remembered a roll of “tape” that a friend in the crafting industry had given me several (8) years ago and set off to find it.  Yes, I do keep stuff that long, if I think it will be useful one day…  Anyway, this “tape” is actually more like very thick saran wrap.  It is plastic, blue and does not have any stickiness to it at all.  But, it does stick to itself and to glass.  See where this is going…LOL  I was so excited when I placed a length of it on my screen and it stayed.  Here is the proof:

Amazing Tape Screen Shot

The “tape” is called amazing tape.  Think about the uses…you can wrap it around cones of yarn to keep them from unwinding, since it “sticks” to itself.  Awesome!!

4 thoughts on “Last Night’s Discovery

  1. that was so cool… the photo is so good though that is looks almost like just a regular piece of paper with a ruler on it but that actually is your computer screen, I saw it with my own eye, pretty cool.

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