Thanks For Asking, Snowman Stitch Markers

I have a surprise for those of you who were interested in the snowman stitch markers and for those who didn’t ask, but read my blog anyway.  I was able to put together two sets of the little guys (with white heads), and one set of gals (with pink heads).

Snow People

Now the surprise, A contest!!  Whoo Hoo!  To enter,

  1. Leave a comment on this post (1 entry in the hat of names)
  2. Put a link to this post on your blog, myspace, facebook, whatever… so others can find this post (another entry)
  3. Leave another comment telling me where you put the link (another entry)

You can get your name in the hat three times by doing all three steps.  I will draw names for the three sets on December 1st and send them out to you as quickly as possible.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

30 thoughts on “Thanks For Asking, Snowman Stitch Markers

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  2. Too cute, DK! Love them! If I had a blog to post to, I would add it, believe me.

    Have fun with your contest and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mr. K, Blazer and your family!

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