Ghouls and Goblins

The title of this post really has nothing to do with the post, but how many times do you really get to use the words “Ghouls” and “Goblins”?  So, I thought it was appropriate to try to fit it in this week’s posts somewhere.  This week Mr. K and I had fun with our annual pumpkin carving.  Can you tell who’s is who’s?  Good Luck!

OOOO, Scary!!

I really can’t wait until November 1st when I get to look in these bags and find out which of my new projects I get to start.  The response has been wonderful!  I guess this is one way that those of you who participate in my knit-a-longs can get me back.  See, I really don’t remember what is in the bags.  I remember a few of the projects that I selected, but don’t remember which bag I put which project in.

I have decided to wait until November 1st to even look in the bags, so I will be almost as surprised as you all are when it is revealed.

Many of you have stated that you don’t have blogs.  Thanks for voting anyway!!  Your taking the time visit my blog and participate in the fun means a lot to me.

In honor of this weeks holiday festivities, I will leave you with a photo shoot of my favorite greeting card from this time of year.  I have held on to this card for many years and it always makes me laugh.




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