A Contest!!! What should I knit next? You decide…

I am having trouble deciding which of these 5 projects to start next.  So, I thought I would let you guys decide.  Vote in the poll on the left and post a link on your blog to mine, so others will vote too.  Leave me a comment on this post telling me that you did both of these things and I will pick a winner from those who follow these simple steps.  Easy, huh?

Pick One

The prize will probably be some sort of yarny goodness.  I haven’t decided yet.  I can’t tell you what projects are in what bags, I have already forgotten…  But which ever one gets the most votes I will start next.  All are lace of one kind or another and none are my own design.  That is all I can offer.  Stay tuned for the results…

75 thoughts on “A Contest!!! What should I knit next? You decide…

  1. I dropped in to pick up your web address to put on my blog with my picture of the Knitter’s Rule I won in SoTSiii – how cool to find a contest here.

    I voted, I linked and now I am DYING to know what is in those bags. 🙂


  2. I don’t have a formal blog to link to, but I voted. This is GREAT, DK, and I know whichever wins it will be fabulous! I’m quite jealous, actually. Because I have 4 projects in desperate need of being FINISHED, I have put my foot down on new projects. It’s quite the bummer, but it’s great incentive to finish what I’ve got started. I will now live vicariously through you…. 🙂

  3. I voted (I was somehow pulled to bag #4). Sadly, I cannot link to a blog because I don’t have one. Hope my vote is helpful anyway. Enjoy going through each bag and getting in some quality knit time!

  4. I have voted on #2 – it’s SHINY!! I will also be linking back here in my post later today (after lunch, because it’s a chronicle of the current project, and today’s picture won’t be ready until the end of lunch, so don’t check that I’ve done it until after 2pm today…!)

    PS, loved the answer for SotS3. Doesn’t go with my bead/yarn choices AT ALL, though… so I think I’ll be re-starting it with this lovely ice blue/white stuff I found (that didn’t have a project yet) and crystal beads.

    (One of my favorite things ever was hearing 300+ bagpipes in the valley playing “Amazing Grace” in unison. Really, really amazing. The Highland Games each year is one of the things I miss about living in the mountains!)

  5. My favorite is bag #1. I’ve a lot of this bags with UFO’s …

    P.S.: Thanks for SotS III. I’m just missing hint 9 for having the complete chart here in my home. I’ve printed it out in my parents house but theire young cat used it for playing :-/ When I came back home, you’ve deleted the files.

  6. I voted for #2, shinny bag! I added you to my facebook site. I didn’t see where I could add you to my blog but I will keep trying and I will add you to myspace. Let us know what you decided on to knit! Sheila

  7. I voted for #3. Unfortunately, I don’t have a blog so, I cannot link you there. I’m looking forward to seeing what is in the bag!

  8. I just posted a link on my blog, and voted… now my reason why I voted for bag 5… I LOVE the number 5. It’s our street number of our first real house we bought, and we are a family of 5 living in house number 5. Another (silly) reason I like 5? I was always horrible at math, except for my 5 multiplication tables…

    Can’t wait to see which project you choose… 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 have you thought of bag 5? LOL

  9. I don’t blog so cannot qualify for the contest but I voted for bag #5 anyway ‘cose I want to see what kind of bag it is! Love to see what’s inside all of them.

  10. I voted for #2, just because the bag looks festive and we are coming to the holiday season. I don’t have a blog but I have sent the link to my knitting friends, they may qualify even if I don’t. Besides I wanted them to find out about your lovely shawls and knit alongs, LOL

  11. Oh, I just noticed the American flag by my name. Don’t know how that happened as I am CANADIAN. How do I get it changed? Thanks and smiles, H

  12. I voted & I don’t have a site or blog either, but this is fun……..I’m sure you will enjoy the one that is picked to start on……….I love starting a new project.

  13. I’ve done what you requested but my web site is one on our travels not knitting, yet. Our travels have been slow because of DH being ill this year. Hope to get going again soon.

    Guess I like the #2 because I can see so many uses for the bag when it is empty again, another project?

  14. Hmmm, bag 4 keeps catching my eye! I will post a link to you as well. Hey, just wanted to let you know i have been wearing my new SOT’s almost every day! love it and it nicely wamrs me as well!

  15. I voted for 5 – love the color of the bag which seems like a good enough reason for voting.

    I don’t have a blog – I hope that’s OK.

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  17. I don’t have a site either, but this looked like fun. Did I miss which date you’ll check the totals which will pick the project? I’ll keep checking to see what you’ll be doing. This is fun! Can’t wait to see which one is selected. Jo

  18. I voted but no blog to link to this. This was fun and I am dying to learn what was in the bags. Maybe I should do that. Put all my projects in bags, wait until I foget what is in them (at my age it won’t take long) then pick a bag to start. I sounds like so much fun that I might go home tonight and do it.

  19. Boy, what a sneaky way to not have to make a decision 🙂 something like i’d do!! I did vote, but it seems shiny is in this fall. i don’t have a blog, so things stop here. I did FINALLY finish the stole – just have to block it and i cant wait till i find the time – still playing in the woodpile. Happy Halloween!!

  20. I have mentioned your contest with a link to your blog on mine.
    Like a lot of the others who have commented here, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT’S IN THOSE BAGS!

    Happy Knitting!

  21. Oh, I voted on #4, which doesn’t seem to be the most popular!!

    I’m going right now to post about this and link to you at my blog, Kit/Pickin’!! Thanks for aving the contest–boy I’d loe to win–I’m trying to fight off the flu today and having a fever of 104 and still posting her must make me SOME kind of a winner, huh?!

  22. I’ve missed out on the voting but I would have chosen #3. Are those greek letters yours DK?

    Yes, they stand for Alpha Xi Delta. In what I refer to as a previous life, I was in that sorority in college. LOL

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