Goodbye Hummingbirds, Hello Deer

I can finally say with certainty that Fall has arrived.  The hummingbirds have all headed south and it is time to take the feeders down.  This year we had two feeders and about 10 birds constantly buzzing each other and us while fighting for the chance to get at the food.  This particular day I was changing their food and this little lady couldn’t wait for me to hang the thing.  She started buzzing me and I thought “Well, if you can get that close to my head, let’s see if you will eat from my hand.”  She did!

Photos of a Ruby Throat Hummingbird in Flight

Although the hummers are gone for the season, we still have a lot of Eastern Bluebirds hanging around and it is quite possible that they will be here throughout the winter.  Next year we are hoping to place nest boxes in various spots on the property for the Bluebirds as well.

Now is the time we prepare for the deer sightings.  Every year we put out piles of deer corn and at night we watch, under moonlight, for the deer to come through and feast.  We don’t hunt them on this property, but there are hunters properties on either side of ours and so, the deer are constantly migrating through.  Every year, when they realize that the corn is out consistently, they come to eat on a nightly basis.

So, goodbye hummers and hello deer…

Photos of a Ruby Throat Hummingbird

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Hummingbirds, Hello Deer

  1. That second one looks like a hummingbird actually being still for a split-second. How on earth did you capture that photo?? (I know there are Professional Photographers attached to you, but still, I’m impressed!)

  2. Mr. K did a fine job on those! Next will be pics of the deer feeding?? We had 3 feeding just outside the fence in back late last week that I got one pic….but not very good, LOL!

  3. DK, Great Pics of the hummer! How cool to have one eating from your hand.
    By all means put up the bluebird house. Make sure you can see it from your house. They are fun to watch. They winter over here in NC. Some of them were stuffing the nesting box with pine straw this week. They pile in to stay warm in the winter. They always remind me of high school, when we used to try to find out how many students we could stuff into a VW.

  4. Oh, my mom’s in a nursing home and I’ve filled her feeder up every day all summer. She’s gonna miss them so much, and there will be no deer eating at her window, but she’ll have black-capped chickadees and cardinals and sparrows, I hope. I’m gonna keep her feeder fillled–but she LOVED to look at the hummingbirds fight for their territory!

    Unfortunately, when I emptied it for the fall, I found LOTS of dead honeybees who had wanted the sweet water so much they had crawled in and couldn’t get out. It made me so sad, because our honeybee population is being threatened in a big way!

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