The great thing about startitis…

is actually finishing several things in quick succession.  First off the needles we have, the Mystery Stole 3 that I started over a year ago.  It is finally complete.  I did not like the wing part of the stole pattern, so I just knit the first half twice and then Kitchner stitched the two halves together.  I was very pleased with my join on this one.  It is very hard to see where the splice is.  Here is the photo of it blocking.  Unfortunately, there will be no model shots until the recipient opens it at Christmas.

MS 3 Blocking

Whoo Hoo!  One Christmas gift completed, several to go….

2 thoughts on “The great thing about startitis…

  1. Your doing better than me!! It’s so pretty. I think I need to pull mine out now and work on it. Maybe?? So much to do and so little time!

  2. Great idea! I hated the wing so much that I boxed mine up and walked away. Now, there’s hope…well, if I kept the pattern, that is. (sheepish grin)

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