New Ravelry Ads Created By Me

Yesterday Mr. K was out of town, so I sat myself down and, in addition to getting a lot of knitting done, I created several new ad graphics that will run on Ravelry ads in November.  I thought they turned out pretty good, what do you think?

Nautical Knitter Designs

Nautical Knitter Designs

Nautical Knitter Designs

5 thoughts on “New Ravelry Ads Created By Me

  1. I’d click on them!

    Let us know what sort of traffic you get through the Ravelry ads. (If you can buy a small island in, say, the next year, I may have to actually start finishing something *I* can advertise on Ravelry…!)

  2. “I wish I could create such beautiful ads… I will get there, someday…!”

    It helps to have a husband that is an awesome photographer!!

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