Our Little Boy Is Not Little Anymore – or – There Is No Turning Back Now

Too Late To Turn Back Now!!

I have been waiting for what seems like forever to do this post.  In August our son Bryan was married and I did a short blog post about it.  I have been unable to post photos of the wedding because the stole that I made for his bride was the pattern for the Secret of the Stole III.  Now that the last hint has been released I can finally show you a few of the thousands of photos their “official” photographer (Mr. K) took of the nuptials.  I still cannot reveal the name of the stole, but the photos cannot wait any longer.

Bride To Be Bride To Be

Secret of the Stole III Secret of the Stole III

The above photos were taken during Sara’s bridal shoot.  She was a beautiful bride!  The ceremony (below) was performed outdoors at her parent’s cabin in Colorado.  The mountains as a backdrop made this, truly, a most scenic wedding setting.  The beauty of the mountains, trees, and lakes and, the intimate ceremony with close family and friends, made this a memory that they will forever cherish.

The Ceremony

The Ceremony

Our Son's Family

If you would like to see more of the Amazing wedding images that Mr. K shot, as well as his other incredible photography work, please hop over to his site at ScottFillmer.com and click on Gallery at the top of the page.  I will be revealing the name of the stole pattern in about a week with additional photos.  Fair Winds.

5 thoughts on “Our Little Boy Is Not Little Anymore – or – There Is No Turning Back Now

  1. Ahhhhhh….lovely~! The bride; the shawl; the groom; the Mom; young William; the whole “picture”. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing. Py

  2. DK, the bride, groom and Estes Park are beautiful. I made my first one in green and now I am doing another in soy silk in white with pearl beads. The soy silk is what I won from SOSII. The soy silk is a thin as frogs hair but now that I made the first one I know what to do and know this one will be beautiful. I am going to package it with a photo albumn for future generations to wear at weddings. It will be the “something borrowed”. I want each bride to have a picture taken in the shawl, put it in the photo albumn and then return it to the box where it will be kept for the next bride in the family. I am also taking pictures of it as I knit it and will have a story about how my life is as I knit it for the future brides. I hope they will all love it and the meaning of it.
    Thanks for a lovely pattern and the fun I had doing it.
    aunt gerry

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