Tooting My Own Horn

The Secret of the Stole III KAL is one week from completion and the stoles the members have knitted are all so beautiful!  I am happy to announce that the Secret of the Stole III pattern is now available for the pre-purchase price of $7. 

On October 18th it will go up to $10.  The pattern is available here.  If you wish to pre-purchase the pattern, a download link will be sent to you on the 18th of October.  The download file contains a complete set of charts and instructions to complete this stole.

I am so excited to have another pattern ready and available for purchase.  This makes 4 patterns in 2 years that I have designed, knitted, and presented to the knitting world.  Go Me!  Ha, Ha…

The next pattern is about halfway complete in the charting phase and is unlike any other pattern I have ever seen on the market.  I hope everyone will be super surprised by it when they see the final piece.  My plan, at the moment, is to release this next pattern for purchase first and then create a knit a long group where members can enjoy and encourage each other’s progress on the pattern.

Thanks for letting me toot my own horn. 

Fair Winds

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