First day back and I’ve been tagged…


In the past I have really tried hard to avoid being “tagged” by other bloggers.  However, when my friend, Nathalie, deemed me worthy of this challenge, how could I resist?  So without delay, I present to you, 7 random and/or weird facts about me, in no particular order.

  1. If a rabbit will eat it, I won’t.  This includes all vegetables, except corn and potatoes, and ALL fruits.  Mr. K says I haven’t eaten a vegetable in 43 years…
  2. Animals I have owned include, dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, a horse, hamsters, chickens, cows, a silver fox, and birds.  The birds I bred and hand fed for sale include, cockatiels, Moluccan, Umbrella and Sulfur Crested Cockatoos, African Gray Congos, and Yellow Collared Macaws.
  3. I would have made a great party planner.  I love to organize and create new ways of celebrating things.  Wedding planning would have been the perfect job for me!
  4. I hold a cosmetology license from the state of Texas.
  5. Dancing is my greatest passion.  I grew up on Polka, but enjoy swing and ballroom just as much.
  6. I lived in a converted Greyhound bus for 5+ years.  This bus was a seated coach when we bought it and while we lived in it we converted it to a wonderful motor home.
  7. I do not drink coffee.  Love the smell, hate the taste…  Coca~Cola is my drink of choice and I drink it from the time I get out of bed to when I get back in…

Now you know more about me than you probably should.  Identifying “random and/or weird” things about yourself is more difficult than it sounds.  If I thought it was weird, then I wouldn’t do it.  So, something that is perfectly logical to me, is not necessarily sane to someone else.  I am a bona fide risk taker and so, there are not too many things out there that I would consider weird anyway.

Thanks, Nathalie, for the fun introspective look at my oddness.  Here are my blog choices for spreading the goofy web love…

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4 thoughts on “First day back and I’ve been tagged…

  1. OK…I knew most of these except the silver fox and the party planner thing. Where in the world did you get a silver fox?? And I would never have guessed the party planner gene was there, LOL!!

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