How To Use Lifelines In Knitting

Have you ever been, seemingly, hopelessly off on your stitch count on a row and begun to tink back the stitches one by one? Sometimes it is easier (and usually faster) to rip back the knitting a few rows and begin the pattern again from a point where we knew the stitch count was correct. This video explains how to put a lifeline in a row of your knitted project so that if you make a mistake several rows later you can rip the problem rows back without fear of ripping out all your hard work beyond the lifeline row. We hope you enjoy the video and, as always, please leave us a comment and let us know what you think…

6 thoughts on “How To Use Lifelines In Knitting

  1. AH, another way!!
    That rocks, so much easier than pulling a threaded needle through each loop.
    I’m learning so much with this KAL.

  2. I realized that I could just leave the knit-pick cable in and put needles on another cable.

    This looks like a simple solution too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great tutorial DK. I also use KnitPicks Options but am too blind (okay, just too doggone old) to thread my lifeline through that little bitty hole. I cheat and just open up the join a little, lay my lifeline(I tend to use embroidery thread) in the join and tighten it back up again. The lifeline is fine enough that the joint closes all the way and I don’t get frustrated trying to thread something much much smaller than the proverbial needle.

    Haven’t yet tried Eileen’s method of leaving the cable in and switching needles but it is a thought!

  4. thank you! this is perfect. I like that you show how to use the lifeline when ripping back and also how to do it without the knitpicks hole to use. I put a link to your video on my blog.

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