Checking In

The wedding was somewhat of a chaotic event, but they are offcially married. I will probably post photos when I get back home.

Where am I now? I have made my way down to southwestern Colorado, to a little mining town called Creede. My parents have a cabin here and since my mother died in April of this year it was time to come here and get the cabin ready to put on the market.

Going through her stuff again was difficult. Thankfully this is the last of her personal property. Too many memories.

Tomorrow we (my dad and I) head for his house in Dallas, TX. Then this weekend I will be driving home to Alabama.

It will be nice to get home and start the hints for the Secret of the Stole III!

3 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Good luck with the sorting. It is very hard to dismantle a home – what to do with the things that meant so much to your special person but may not be valuable? What to do with everything else? She was blessed to have a daughter who loves her so much.

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