Bryan Alan Fillmer and Sara Lynn Turner

Bryan Alan Fillmer coming home from hospital.

This handsome gentleman is getting married in 2 days. Most mother’s would ask “where does time go”. But, not this one. I know where the time went. Bryan is our son and we were blessed to be loaned a certain amount of time, which we spent with him on a thing called life. Bryan grew up, like most kids, through some very good times and some not so good. Had the typical growing pains of adolescence, the ups and downs of teenage years and then one fateful day, while he was away at college, he decided to leave a note on a pretty girl’s car. She (with her friends in tow) called him back and here we are today.

Memories are the receipts for the things you spent your life on. While looking over the receipts for the time spent with Bryan, I can say, without a doubt that it was time well spent. Now it is time for Bryan to spend most of his life with others. I hope he will give us a glimpse of the receipts from time to time. Congratulations Bryan and Sara, we love you both.

8 thoughts on “Bryan Alan Fillmer and Sara Lynn Turner

  1. Congratulations! My son was married at the Denver Botanic Gardens on August 3, 2007, so your posts are bringing back memories for me. I wish you all lots of happiness!

  2. Congratulations – I know how you feel. It’s wonderful to see your children grow up and live life to the fullest. Now the best is yet to come! You’ll see:)
    God’s blessings to all of you,

  3. “Memories are the receipts for the things you spent your life on. ” – I love that! I’m totally stealing that and plastering it on my memo board above my desk.

  4. They do seem to grow up fast though. And I can remember my Mom and Grandmother saying “enjoy them because before your eyes they’ll be grown and on their own.”

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I am honored, and yes, I’m ready. I love lace.

    Sheri in GA

  5. Hey, have a safe trip back! PS, you’ll be getting a Twitter request from a strange “DLTakaal” person. That’s me (and my pen-name). No worries if you don’t want to twitter to people you don’t actually know!

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