Learn how to read an Every Other Row (EOR) knitting chart.

In this video you will, hopefully, learn how to read an Every Other Row (EOR) knitting chart. To get the most out of the video you will need to download the PDF file, below, and follow along with the instructions on the video. We hope you enjoy this first in a series of chart reading videos and, as always, please leave us a comment or suggestion if you have one. Thanks, DK

Please download the above PDF before watching the video.

Knitting from charts

6 thoughts on “Learn how to read an Every Other Row (EOR) knitting chart.

  1. DK – Just wanted to let you know I’ve tried several times but am unable to download the pdf. Receiving a 404 error:
    Not Found, Error 404
    The page you are looking for no longer exists.

    I can see from the swatch sample chart what I needed.

  2. Very helpful video, I look forward to the rest of the chart reading series. I still have trouble with the charts that must be knit in reverse on the opposite side of the center stitch. K, yo, ssk, k,k, yo, ssk, k then ssk yo k k ssk yo k. I always get lost going backwards for the second half of the row. Lots of tinking needed. I often take the time to create the second half of the chart in excel because I just cannot keep the pattern straight otherwise. But I would like to learn to read those charts and work them without that extra step.

    Bev aka paletpc

  3. Thank you sooooo much for this great video!
    I’m from Germany and I want to take part at the Secret of the Stole III, but I didn’t know exactly what the symbols in the swatch instructions meant. They are a bit different from them we use in Germany.
    But this video was so great done and now I can start the swatch.
    Thank you! I’m so excited about my first KAL!

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