Secret of the Stole III KAL Officially Opens for Members

Secret of the Stole III KAL

This is the day I have been working toward. All this lace knitting that I have not been able to share with you is finally complete and will be revealed within the next two months. The Secret of the Stole III KAL group is now open for new members and now the work really begins. I really love this part though, because it keeps me very busy and invariably learning new things.

If you would like to join the group click on the image and sign up. See you there…

10 thoughts on “Secret of the Stole III KAL Officially Opens for Members

  1. I would like too sing up for Secret of the stole 111 i was a member of Secret of the stole 2 and i really enjoyed it hope i can make it for this one as well all though i am in college now and find my self studding most of the time but i still have time too knit at night so i may be slower at this one then the first time.

  2. DK – I have a request: Would it be possible to set up a file for the SotSiii that would include only the special notices you send out? I sometimes am way behind on my emails and to find the special notices I have to scan all of them. I know it would be easier for me to get up to date info if I had only one place to go for the important stuff. Maybe I should just edit my membership to special notices only…Just now I was looking to see if you have announced when this KAL will begin. You have probably told us, but where?
    Thanks for your consideration.

  3. Lilly,

    You can find all the special notices by going to the group home page and in the messages section find the search box. Type “special notice” in the search box. I always put “special notice” in the subject line of my notices so they can be searched for in this way.

    Happy Knitting…DK

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