Anyone need a zipper?

Well, it seems that frogging applies to sewing just as much as knitting. Actually, the act of dissembling something that you have created is pretty much shared by all crafts across the board. When I set out to make a garment I do it knowing that it may need to be altered, or even, as in this case, abandoned all together. The zipper installation went fine, but the top doesn’t fit in the bust area very well. I don’t have much to fill it with… Although this could be tightened up a bit, the color and style just don’t work on me anyway. So, long story short, I am now net one purple zipper. Anyone need a zipper?

Finished, but doomed...

2 thoughts on “Anyone need a zipper?

  1. Ok…I had a purple zipper if you needed it. I have a whole bunch of zippers now. And yarn. And sewing machines! And material. And Beanie Babies, and more Beanie Babies….

    I need to knit……..

Is anybody out there?

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