Well, Frog It!

Toe Up Socks To Be Frogged! I have been messing around with these socks for some time now and have decided not to waste any more time on them. They gave me a lot of practice and I learned a lot of new things about knitting socks “toe up” that I did not know before, but it is time to say adios!!

In other knitting news, I have passed the halfway point in the test knitting for the Secret of the Stole III. It is going to be so lacy and pretty! I can’t wait for the new group to start!!

2 thoughts on “Well, Frog It!

  1. Sign ups for SOTS III will begin very soon… If you are a member of the Nautical Knitter Designs Group you will be the first to know. If not, then stay tuned to this blog or the Knitwith.us blog for the start date. We are looking forward to it with great excitement!!

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