National Polka Festival 2008; Ennis, TX – Day One

The first day of the festival was actually a half a day and a night. Most of the day was spent settling into the hotel and going into town to look around and take pictures. The evening was spent at the Sokol Hall dancing to the sounds of the Jodie Mikula Orchestra and dancing with my father in the Polka King and Queen contest.

Family Photos

Family photos were at the top of the agenda for day one. We took the kids downtown to take some photos of them in “costume”.

Bryan, Sara, and William Bryan, Sara, and William

Bryan, Sara, and William

We managed to get a 5 generation photo at the hall that evening. These photos are quite rare and we actually have been lucky enough to get three different ones so far in this family. The family members are listed from left to right and there relationship to William is noted: William Fillmer, Bryan Fillmer (Dad), Deborah Fillmer (Grandmother), Grace Dubuque (Great-great Grandmother), David Platt (Great Grandfather).

5 Generations

We Are Famous

Wow, I couldn’t believe it when a reporter from the Ennis Journal called our house in Alabama and conducted a 30 minute phone interview with me about the costumes and the upcoming contest. The article she wrote was very in depth and I was tickled when some of my family members came up to me at the festival and said “hey, we saw you made the paper”. Too cool! You can read the article online through the newspaper link above or here.

Contest Photos

Last, but not least, here are some photos of the contest that evening. We were a little disappointed that we didn’t win, but there were 20 couples to start with, so we were not sure of our chances right then. Apparently the number 5 is not a lucky one for us. Any suggestions for a number choice next year? Enjoy the photos and leave me a comment if you can.

Signing Up

Let's Polka

Taking The Floor

Polka Time

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