Color Blindness

Does this:


Look like this?


I came across a blog entry by Pheelya on Ramblings by a Crafter in which she had received her yarn order from a seller on Etsy and the color she received was not the color she ordered.  This was very interesting to me since I had just received the yarn pictured in the top photo and I had ordered the yarn in the bottom photo, also from a vendor on Etsy.  This made me wonder if it might be the same vendor.  It was!

Being in business for myself, I really try hard to give the benefit of the doubt to other vendors.  The last thing I ever want to do is dis a company who has honestly made a mistake.  However, in this case, since there are at least two instances of this occurring within the same week, I thought it would be a courtesy to you guys to give you a heads up.  I don’t believe this is a mistake though, at least in my case, because the tag on the yarn I received says “Orange Shade”.  There was no packing slip or other identifying paperwork included in the package.  Just three skeins of Yellow yarn.

The vendor is 100purewool and I have begun the process of trying to get my money back.  The saddest part about this whole thing is that I was ordering the yarn for a specific gift for a friend’s wedding gift and after taking 22 days to arrive it was NOT the color I ordered!  Luckily, I am a yarn ho(arder) and was able to find something else that would work.  So, if you are looking for lace weight yarn, buyer beware.

6 thoughts on “Color Blindness

  1. Either that vendor has major monitor problems or need to have a good check up at the eye clinic. AND I love the picture change on your blog header! I think I have seen that particular piece before, LOL!

  2. I ordered some laceweight yarn from them via the etsy site and when I received my order I ended up with a skein of single-ply worsted instead of the 900 yds of laceweight I thought I was getting!

    My yarn had no tags and there was no packing slip…just the skein of yarn in an envelope, so no proof of what I had even ordered.

    I’ll use it, but I was very disappointed that I got something completely different from what I was expecting.

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