My Birthday Is Coming And I Feel Like Dancing

7 CD's from Polkacatalog.comMy birthday is coming and I feel like dancing!  Could it be because my dear, sweet Mr. K got me a present early?

Whoo hoo, Seven CD’s of Czech polka and waltz music.  He even bought me some lilies, too!  I am getting so excited about the festival!  Can you tell?

All that is left to do is find the flowers and ribbon for my hair “do” and have my hair cut and permed next Wednesday.  I will be sure to post photos of that adventure.  Oh ya, and try to find calf high black leather boots in spring.  I have been looking but there just aren’t any to be had around here…  Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “My Birthday Is Coming And I Feel Like Dancing

  1. Now is the time to panic I guess, as I have no idea what to get you this year! I’ll bring your grandson out to visit, how about that?

  2. I’d sing, but I like you, so I woun’t make you endure that.
    But consider it sung: “Happy Birthday to you!!!”
    Happy haircut day too. Good luck, I always feel like I,m playing the lottery when I go in for a haircut…
    On the subject of boots, have you tried Spiegel .com? I have had fabulous success with ordering from them, and if I hate it, returns are free and easy. Ooh! Victoria’s Secret online has great boots (no, not booty, although that is there too) and amazingly, Amazon has boots too.
    Happy hunting, funny but I have found 6 pair in the last 2 week that I “couldn’t live without” -somehow I managed to avoid buying any of them. The good news though, is that when you find them they are almost guaranteed to be on clearance.
    Best wishes for a wonderful Big Day,

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