Waiting Room

Last week I spent an enormous amount of time in various hospital waiting rooms, as you can imagine. Never one to leave my knitting behind, I took along a project that I knew would not take too much concentration and would show some sort of progress quickly to keep my mind and hands occupied. My Civil War Shawl grew, day by day, and at the end of the week looked like this.

Civil War Shawl row 100+

Civil War Shawl row 100+ Close Up

I am currently on row 100+ of this shawl. It only has 160 rows in the circular pattern then there is an apparently never ending edging that is quite wide.

One thought on “Waiting Room

  1. The Civil War shawl is SO on my to do someday list. Yours looks great. Does it really seem to go fast? I can’t tell on my moniter, is that black or green?

    Thanks Lilly, The color is actually a Blue/Green mix. It is quite dark, but not quite navy blue.

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