Please won’t you be my neighbor?

In honor of Mr. Roger’s birthday (he would have been 80 today)  I am wearing my gray, tweed, cabled sweater today. Yes, it is store bought, but I don’t think Mr. Rogers wore hand made sweaters anyway. If you are not dressed yet, this lovely morning, won’t you join me in this memorial tribute and won’t you be my neighbor?

5 thoughts on “Please won’t you be my neighbor?

  1. Actually, Mr Rogers wore sweaters handknit by his mother and only those sweaters, I thought. So he was kind of an ambassador for knitting! PErfect thing to do – wear (or knit) a sweater on March 20th!


  2. I’m your neighbor too! Benicia. I love Mr. Rogers, saw him film at the University of Pittsburgh as a young child in the 60’s. I’m dating myself! Missed his b-day but today is my mom’s and she’s the one who taught me to knit.

  3. Mr. Rogers’ mom knit his sweaters — maybe not all of them, but she knit the red one in the collection at the Smithsonian’s National American History Museum. Isn’t that sweet?

  4. I found you through your post on Modeknit — was caught by the name “Nautical Knitter” as it would also describe me…I’m in the Navy and knitting is also my craft passion. I love that you remembered Mr. Roger’s birthday. Would that we could all be so kind and loving!

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