This week’s trip to the coast was very short, but oh so sweet. The weather was not cooperative enough to sit on the beach and knit, but the views the approaching storm gave us were absolutely wonderful.

Sunset at Orange Beach 02-16-2008

I sat in the car and knitted while Scott did his daily beach walking. The wind was blowing very hard and although the temperature was not too bad, the wind was bone chilling.

We took a lovely drive down streets we had not ventured down before and stumbled upon a community cemetery. Some of you may think this odd, but I love cemeteries. It is just so fascinating wandering through them looking at the headstones, with the dates and sometimes the epitaphs on them. Some of them can be quite amusing since they are placed there by those left behind.

During our drive we stumbled upon these guys (gals) and I just wanted to jump right out of the car and join them in the fun! This is called Powered Paragliding and I think this would be such a cool hobby!!

Powered Paragliding

Although the trip was short this time, we were greeted by this when we arrived back at our house. Beautiful, no?

Rainbow 02-17-2008

One thought on “Beauty

  1. I, too, have enjoyed old cemeteries. In addition to the interesting epitaphs, one can sometimes see where epidemics have taken great groups of children in a two-week time frame, for instance. Makes a mom grateful for what she has.

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