Job posting: Clone needed

Bellcurve BeautySince I (like everyone else I know on the planet, it seems) have way more to do than is physically possible right now, does anyone out there have a free moment that they could just whip this out for me? HAHA

Seriously, black would be preferable and perhaps a little longer length….

Just kidding. Winter 2007 Knitty surprise is up. There are three offerings this time and this one is in my queue!

7 thoughts on “Job posting: Clone needed

  1. I love the skirt so 20ish, so if you can also find someone to knit it and wear it for me so much the better. I also said black stocking should have the the line down the back. I look some more and laughed to myself as she did have them.

    Actually, I have a similar pattern from a book I received for Christmas “Romantic Knits” and there is an awesome stocking pattern in there as well. I would wear them both, but by the time I get them off the needles I will probably have changed dimensions, if you know what I mean.

  2. I’ll knit it for you, if you finish hint one, go to the gym, update my resume, update my blog, and/or finish at least two of my UFO’s:)
    Or we could just add it to the queue.

    Hmm, the queue looks like the best way to go….at least it will have plenty of company in there… HAHA

  3. One of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe is a skirt I knit…I’m thinking you should start attending more college basketball games? Maybe you can convince the cheerleaders to knit a few rows during the games?

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