Placing Beads on a Knit Stitch Video

Have you ever wondered how to place beads in your knitted pieces without having to string them onto your yarn before you begin the project? Placing beads using the crochet hook method eliminates the need for pre-stringing beads onto your yarn or thread. This means you no longer have to count the number of beads to string and the beads do not have to reside on your yarn, sliding up and down your yarn, until you use them. The beads also tend to lie flat in a more vertical orientation, rather than slanted when this technique is used.

To understand more about how this technique is done you can click on the video below. The video was created by Ivy Kehinde of Knitting Step by Step and she does a good job of showing how to place beads using a crochet hook on the knit stitches throughout your knitted piece.

4 thoughts on “Placing Beads on a Knit Stitch Video

  1. Oh thank you. I was wondering how to do that, Now I will need to find a pattern to make with beads. Oh I will also need to find a place that sells the beads. Ha ha. Wonderful teaching

  2. Thank you for this. I loved the beads in the first Secret Stole. And the compliments I get from those who see it are wonderful. Any possibility of beads in SSii?

    thank you so much for your generosity!

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