6 thoughts on “Humble Beginnings

  1. Quit tempting me, woman! I love that shawl- I was actually drooling over it on Ravelry yesterday. I can see that on my needles by the year’s end. Is the pattern insanly hard?
    Three days until Friday… yes, I have been counting since SOTSii was announced!

    Oh come on now, won’t you join me in my madness????

  2. It’s very beautiful in it’s beginning stage. Without you I’d know nothing about lace. I might have to try it after I start my second SOTS, (and maybe finish the first!).

    I’m happy to hear it! The pattern will be here calling to waiting for you when you are ready….

  3. I was just at a college basketball game last week (Duke vs. Temple). There wasn’t enough room to sit comfortably, let alone knit. Now, sitting at home watching the game is another story!

    HAHA, all you had to do was name the teams. Sometimes, it pays to attend unranked teams games, like Auburn. LOL

  4. One, that’s going to be lovely…! Don’t sporting events make wonderful places to knit? Especially if the announcers are very good… then you don’t have to look up, even, if you’re at a tricky place.

    Two… I was out sick yesterday and missed the first day of SotSII! Yikes! Behind already!! (Of course, I’m *still* not done with SotSI, but someday, I will be!)

  5. Hee-hee, I can only work on lace in a very quiet room. The fact that you are knitting lace in a stadium and in black, no less, gives me hope.

    This pattern is actually much easier than it looks. Very easy repeats to memorize. I think, also, that the more you are able to “read” your knitting the more you can handle distractions. When I started knitting lace I had to be in a VERY QUIET place. I still do if I am trying to fix a major boo boo.

  6. Like I said before — I can’t wait to start on my first clue of the SOTSii. I do think I will tackle the swatch just in case; thanks for your tip. Thanks so much for this KAL — Now I can learn to do some, what I call, REAL lace. I applaud you just like shansays for being able to do lace in such a distractful place. Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog. Have a great weekend.

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