Here we go a swatching…

The chart and instructions for the Secret of the Stole KAL knit a long have been posted. If you haven’t joined the fun yet, follow the link and find out what you are missing. Only 31 days until the secret begins to be revealed. Here are my swatches and the details of each.

Secret of the Stole II Swatches

Both swatches were created with Jaggerspun Super Lamb 2/24 on a cone from Sarah’s Yarns. The color is Khaki. The smaller of the two swatches was knitted on US 2 (2.75 mm) needles and measures 6″ x 4.75″. The larger swatch was knit with US 3 (3.25 mm) needles and measures 7″ x 5.5″. Both were dry blocked for the photo.

14 thoughts on “Here we go a swatching…

  1. Are the two swatches supposed to be identical except for the difference in needle size used? If so, is there an error in the smaller swatch? (just to left of middle)

    The two swatches are identical, except for needle size used. There is no error in the smaller one. The swatches are dry blocked, so I didn’t stretch and fuss over them as much as I would have if it had been the actual stole. Hope this helps.

  2. There is such a big difference between the two sizes! But both are beautiful! I subbed yarn in the last KAL but I think I will try this one out. Maybe I should finish the first one before starting the second one? Maybe not! 😉

  3. gorgeous! i’m definitely going to go with the larger needles. i like the “looseness” of it. is it just me, or does that khaki look awefully green compared to the website? not that green is bad. in fact, i think i’ve just fallen in love with that color and may order some instead of the bare yarn i was going to get. is it really that green IRL?

    Yes, it is a true Khaki green. It is just lovely and a dream to work with.

  4. Humming the tune from Twilight Zone: This is the exact yarn, in the exact color, ordered from the exact same place as I ordered and just received for SOtS II! Coincidence? I think not! We are obviously women of impeccable taste!

  5. DK
    I am curious as how the Zephyr 2/18 compares to the SuperLamb 2/24. With the 2/24 4 ounces of yarn is approximately 1500 yards. With 2/18 4 ounces of yarn is only about 1300 yards. Will the difference in gauge between the two yarns make up for the difference in yardage or will I need 1500 yards to knit the SOTSii from the 2/18? I know that 2/18 is a larger yarn and I would need to knit it on a US 3 (3.25mm) to get a nice fabric. So I imagine it would actually take less yards of the 2/18 to knit the same pattern but I am not certain if there will be 200 yards difference in these two yarns. Can you offer any guidance??

  6. Hi DK! I had the same problem as Ryn. Are we too late to join in?

    Nope, not too late at all. Make sure you leave a comment (reason for joining) in the box when you go to join the group. If you were denied it was probably because you didn’t fill in the box. Say what you like, but just let me know you are a real person and not a low down rotten spam peddler. HAHA We really do read those. It is the only way I can keep spammers off the group.

  7. The pattern looks like a lovely one again. I will be using Jaggerspun Zepyhr 2/18 in white and will swatch with size 2 or 3 needles. I can hardly wait to start again.

  8. Your swatch looks great!…I have about three rows left to do on mine– I chose a color called sage in Jaggerspun Zephyr on #3s…interesting to see that yours is done in a green, too!

  9. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! I bought yarn for my stole but I’m not sure what color to use. I love those swatches! So what yarn and needles are you using or have I overlooked that info somewhere?
    I’ve also been gathering for our swap-just little things but this is fun. When does the mystery start? Have a Happy New Year!!!

  10. DK, which swatch/needle size did you go with to get the results of the finished stole size that you posted to the group? I could go either way with my own swatch/needle size. I would prefer to use the one that more closely matches your gauge. Love the color it will be so pretty for spring/summer wear when you are finished.

    I went with the larger, size 3US needles for my stole. I liked the airiness of it.

  11. Hi – I’m wondering, and maybe you’ve answered this and I just can’t find it. Because your two swatches are different sizes – which one the size 2 or the size 3 ends up making the finished stole size 20″x61″? I’m wanting to make mine a bit larger, but my swatch ends up being about the same as your larger one. So, if that is the size needle you used and ended up with a 20″x61″ stole, I need to go up a needle size.
    Thanks in advance for letting me know.

    What a great question! The larger swatch is the one I based my calculations on. So you would probably want to go a needle size larger. However, be careful that you don’t loose definition of your stockinette areas as well. You did not mention what yarn you are using, so if you are using laceweight you probably won’t want to go larger than a size 4 needle. Keep in mind too that there are going to be places in the stole that you have the option of lengthening. With the laceweight yarn you can block it wider than stated and it will reduce your length. But you can solve the length issue by lengthening the stole while knitting.

  12. The swatches look fantastic, DK! I’m looking forward to starting my swatch this evening – am using Malabrigo Lace. I started on 3.0mm needles (your size 2) this AM but it wasn’t to my liking so I think I’ll end up going with 3.25.

    Anyway, thanks for all of your and your DHs hard work on this! I am rather new to lace but am excited about this challenge…



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