Blazer is Home

Marina at ChristmasAnd, so are we. He was so happy to leave the vet doggy camp that he barked all the way home and has not moved from his bed since 9am this morning.

Blazer was at doggy camp because Mr. K and I took a couple of days off to go down to the boat. Blazer turns green on boats so he gets to visit doggy camp instead.

After the Thanksgiving non-event, we were ready to get back down there and hang out, if just for a few days. All of our time was not spent lounging around though. We took advantage of the 80 degree December weather phenomenon to get out to the beach and shoot some video for the upcoming knitting tutorials. We knitted and filmed and enjoyed the completely deserted beach and just as we were finishing up the video recording for the day, the rain started falling. Heavier and heavier it fell, ushering in a cold front that would bring in incredibly strong winds that would rock the boat all night in it’s slip. Temperatures were in the 30’s the next morning when we awoke. Unlike our previous boat, however, this boat is quite watertight and has a heater/air-conditioning unit that works beautifully. We stayed warm and dry inside all night while the wind and rocking waves lulled us to sleep.

Now it is time for us to get ready to head to Dallas, TX for Christmas with my family. We are leaving in three days, which means that Blazer gets to return to doggy camp to visit with all his friends again. Since he does not have Aubie here with him any more he has become quite the cling-on and seems to need company 24/7.

Anyway, we are going to be gone about a week and hopefully we can get in some good knitting video recording while we are gone. The Civil War Shawl KAL and the Secret of the Stole II KAL have to be ready to go in January, so it looks like a working Christmas holiday on the road for us.

Have a wonderful holiday and we will see you on the flip-side.

Is anybody out there?

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