New Video Equipment on its Way

JVC MG130 Video CameraWe are gearing up for some great videos here on KWU, so, what do you need to create some great videos, well a new camera of course. We have used many cameras, video and still, professional, prosumer, consumer versions, but this will be the first hard disk drive video camera we have owned.

I really wanted to stream line the process of removing the video files from the camera to the computer, and I am not sure if this will be the ticket or not, but I am going to give it a try anyway.

One of the best video cameras and worst extraction to a computer was with a Sony so this time we went with something, anything, other than a Sony. Not that the brand is the important part but it might make a difference in the time it takes to get the videos to our viewers.

The new topics we are going to cover are just waiting for the new camera to arrive. The first few videos are going to be about learning to knit with charts, knitting a swatch, yarn, and several that pertain specifically to SOTSii.

Something else I will probably cover as we go along are tips on how to create great videos on your own blog, so if you have any questions just use our contact form or post a comment here.

Come back soon in this section for the first posted video. KWU

Is anybody out there?

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