Introducing Sots, The Knitting Dragon

Sots, The Knitting Dragon Sots was delivered in my mail yesterday and I could not stop giggling every time I looked at him. He was made for me by a member of the Secret of the Stole KAL – Guinevere knit a long group. I was totally surprised at his arrival and just think he is the cutest thing ever. Thank you Deb, I love him!

HSots knitting from a charte is about 6.5 inches tall, his tail is just as long, and he was created from the free pattern Baby Snow Dragon by oldbaglady. The best part is that he is knitting a Guinevere stole! Isn’t he the most adorable thing?

The Secret of the Stole I (Guinevere) knit a long has ended and the group is now open to new members who have purchased the pattern. We decided to keep the group open so that those who wish to continue to share their progress on the stole can have a place to do so.

We are now preparing, fast and furious, for the Secret of the Stole II KAL that officially begins on January 18, 2008. In addition to the pattern creation, test knitting, etc. that goes into a knit a long, we are also working hard to prepare the new web site that will provide a forum, a pod-casting section, a video section for techniques and more. Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “Introducing Sots, The Knitting Dragon

  1. Thank you for the totally amazing link!
    My daughter recently received a Shining Star Dragon and just drooled over it and for a swap I am in, I think this would be lovely as a Softee.
    Could you tell me the yarn requirements for SOTS2? I haven’t finished the first yet, but absolutely love it, however I know I will have more time in the new year.
    Are there beads?

  2. What a nice gift you received! that dragon is SO adorable!

    Can’t wait for the “Secret of the Stole II” to start! I’m practicing knitting lace using charts instead of using written instructions and it’s easier to do than I thought.

    Thanks for doing a second KAL!

  3. How wonderful! That dragon is too cute. Not to mention the fact he is knitting a Guinevere!!! Love it!
    Many thanks to you and Mr. K for all that you do! Most of us appreciate it, which makes up for those who don’t quite know how to mind their manners. ;O)

    Knit Happy!

  4. Help NK, I’m nearly done with Clue #7, and was looking at the right side chart for Clue #8, and the part with the row number is cut off, also I’ve mislaid the instruction sheet that gives the hints about the change in stitch count for Clue #8, I’m desperate to finish this weekend, and didn’t realize that we can no longer access the hint files- please help, am I okay if I can’t ready the row numbers???!!! Yours truly.

    PS the dragon is adorable. As someone who loves medieval history, and have been to Winchester England to see the wooden round table. I love that the stole is named Guinevere.

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