Preview of Sponsors for SOTSii Door Prizes

We are already working hard on the details of this new KAL (Secret of the Stole II) and I wanted to share a few of the door prizes that have already been committed to SOTSii.

If you are new to Secret of the Stole KAL’s, one thing we try very hard to do is to make them different and FUN for everyone. One way we did this in the last KAL was to give away some great door prizes for various reasons, like just for being a group member, a hint photo, finishing the weeks hint, guessing the theme question and so on.

We already have some great door prizes lined up for SOTSii as well.

I am a little bigger on the promotion side of things than DK so I get the fun of looking for all the goodies to give away throughout the KAL. After looking at some of the items on the list right now I just had to share them with you (shhhhh, don’t tell anyone).

You may have read that we are also working on a new knitting website, and we will have a list of the SOTSii sponsors posted on this website as well. As soon as it is ready for public viewing we will post the url. If you have a shop or something fun to share and would like to donate a door prize just let me know (off list please) and I will be in touch.

Be sure to visit the full list of sponsors and see what is being added as we speak! SOTSii Door Prize Sponsors

This is just a sneak peak. So far we have………….

  • Baby Alpaca Lace in Ruby
  • One skein of Merino Fingering in Vert de Gris
  • Stitch markers
  • Project bag with matching pouch
  • 1kg of cashmere yarn of your choice
  • and just in… The latest shawl design (not yet published) by Fiddlesticks Knitting with yarn (new laceweight, 100% raw silk yarn, called Lace Sensation, from Italy)

…….and we are just getting started!!!

I hope everyone is as excited about getting started in January as we are. If you ever have a question about anything, please know you can always contact me or DK at any time, we can usually get back to you very quickly. We also each run blogs of our own and if you don’t want to contact us through the group you can always get in touch through our blogs.

For now, DK at and for me

Until next time, Mr K

4 thoughts on “Preview of Sponsors for SOTSii Door Prizes

  1. Rose, you can go to the pattern page here and see a photo of the center of the design, and you can also click on “additional info” there to go to the group page.

    The group page has photos (you can also join the group to see others finished work) and the pattern itself, which is available for $7 on the pattern page) has several finished photos of the design. KWU

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