Secret of the Stole (SOTSi) Remains Open

Secret of the Stole IAll the door prizes have been given out, the last chart and hint has been completed, the theme has been revealed and winners announced. After looking at the progress of the group we decided to keep the group open for those who were still working on the Secret of the Stole KAL.

We even decided to approve new members into the group so if they wanted to be able to start the KAL themselves they could.

We will leave the group open and hope all the wonderful members will continue to help the new members along. It was such a great group, we just wanted to continue what had been so fun.

If anyone would like to join the group that missed out just go to the yahoo group and request to join. Please keep in mind this is not a new KAL or one that is going to be started again, we are just keeping the group open for those who want to start working on the pattern themselves or to finish up on the stole they started.

If you would like to buy the pattern (needed for new members), it is now available for just $5.00. Download here. I am sure any new members will be warmly welcomed.

3 thoughts on “Secret of the Stole (SOTSi) Remains Open

  1. WOW! This is a neat site. It is going to take forever to see all of the things and articles I want to look at and read.

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