The Secret of the Stole Photo Shoot: take two

Ok, for some reason the last post had the theme name of the stole attached to the photos.  Note to self, name files, especially photo files, something other than the secret name of the stole…

So, let’s do this again. 

Now that the final hint has been released in the Secret of the Stole KAL I can finally show the world my completed stole. Mr. K took photos of her while we were at a city park several weeks ago and I have been dying to show them to everyone. So without further ado, I give you *********.


Secret of the Stole I Secret of the Sword
Secret of the Stole Secret of the Stole

9 thoughts on “The Secret of the Stole Photo Shoot: take two

  1. Oh my Goodness!! Your stole is so beautyful that I got “gooseskin”, (thats a swedish say) absolutely fantastic. Hm, the theme is getting closer now… Thanks for this really fun weeks that past away, to quickly I think. //Susanne member of SotS

  2. My stole is blocking as I type (I have been avoiding the group and your site until I finished my own) and I had to pop over and give you a quick thanks for such a great pattern! The KAL was my first and it was my first mystery project as well and what a great experience it was! So thank you so much for everything!

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