The Thanksgiving Non-Event

Cooked and carved the turkey on Saturday, check. Made the stuffing, and the baked sweet potatoes, too, check. Sealed it all up in bags to freeze so we could have it on the boat on Thanksgiving Day, check. Loaded the car with clothing, food, ice chest, etc., check. Made sure to take computer to the boat too, so Secret of the Stole KAL members wouldn’t miss their final hint this Friday, check.

Leave on Monday and make the 4.5 hour drive to the marina, check. Upon arrival, found out the marina wi fi was not working and would not be working until after the holiday week was over, CHECK. Made the 4.5 hour drive back to the house in the same evening, of course. What else were we supposed to do? Visions of Secret of the Stole members coming up the road to get me with lighted torches and pitchforks in hand went through my head.

Mr. K and I will be having our “leftover, prepared ahead of time” Thanksgiving dinner back here at the house. Luckily, Mr. K and I embrace change so it’s all good…

10 thoughts on “The Thanksgiving Non-Event

  1. Oh, dear – that’s quite a round trip. I think most (all?) of the SotSers would’ve understood the holiday-lack-of-connectivity… but we’ll all appreciate having that last clue (since there’s THREE WHOLE DAYS that can be used for knitting, if we can hide from the kids/in-laws/pets/what-have-you…)!

  2. Wow! What an ordeal. I think I would of tried to find WiFi somewhere else close to the boat and posted from there. There had to of been a Starbuck’s somewhere in that 4.5 hours of driving. There is one about every half mile around here. You are so dedicated.

  3. Well, the idea was to spend the time on the boat, not at a cafe or coffee shop. We were pretty annoyed at the time and decided since that was the only other option we would rather be at home and come back some other time. C’est la vie…

  4. Amazing. What patience for both you and Mr. K! What dedication to your adoring SotS members to curtail your holiday plans in order to bring us the final clue ‘on time’! Thanks.

  5. Thank you so much for your dedication! And Happy Thanksgiving, from Canada where we have been giving thanks for a month already 🙂

    have a great weekend!

  6. Gee thee back to the boat, Woman! We’ll all be too full of tryptaphan or whatever that sleepy juice is in turkey to knit this weekend anyway! Enjoy your holiday! Don’t worry about us!

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