Knitting Tips Podcast

testingWe have several sections of knitting tips and techniques that we will create on podcasts.

One of those sections is the knitting tips section. Here we will post information on what size needles you might want to use with a specific project or pattern, yarn requirements for certain designs, and many other knitting tips.

If you have a topic you would like to see discussed here, or perhaps you would like to write a post in this section, just let us know and we will consider adding it to the list. KWU

8 thoughts on “Knitting Tips Podcast

  1. I really like what you have done with the website. I hope you will have podcasts available for download through iTunes, Napster or similar sites. I would like to download them to my mp3 player.

    A topic you might want to discuss is the relationship between needles and yarn. I discovered recently how big a difference the type of needle (or more precisely the material of which the needle is composed) makes with a particular yarn. On my first lace project, the yarn I was using split, frayed and shredded with the Addi lace needles that I was using. I ended up changing to a totally different yarn for that project and declared the first yarn “unusable”. But I really liked the feel of the yarn, my frugal part wouldn’t let me throw it away and my stubborn part wouldn’t allow me to admit defeat to a ball of yarn. So on a lark I decided to try the yarn out with different needles – this time Brittany Birch. The yarn behaved totally differently on a different needle. No more splitting and fraying. So I am not using that yarn for Guinevere and it is coming out quite lovely.

  2. I second the vote for an iTunes feed. I have really enjoyed SOTS and am looking forward to SOTSii. The podcast will be a great addition! I’m also signed up for the Civil War shawl, but will probably have to knit it later.

  3. I enjoyed the swatch video and agree with the others about the noise. Thanks for the hint about casting on with a larger needle, too.
    Can you discuss yardage for the project? If you use a thinner yarn (Jaggerspun Zephyr 2/24), would the yardage be less than if you used a thicker yarn (Jaggerspun Zephyr 2/18)? I think one of your posts (#365)said 1250 yards would be enough, but later I think it was Will who said that we may need more because your yarn was thinner. I ordered yarn based on the 1250 yarns instead of 1500 yards that you noted in the swatch instructions. Now I’m afraid I may not have enough yarn. 😦 Thanks for the wonderful project. I’m getting anxious to start!

  4. I was wondering when we were going to see the podcast or if it is already here and I am just not smart enough to find it. I am looking forward to it since I got an mp3 player for Christmas. I wouldn’t even complain about a video podcast.

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