Home Invasion or Plague of the Ladybugs

ladybugs I love ladybugs (or as Mr. K refers to them, manbugs). However, this is ridiculous! There are millions of them on every window, inside and out. This was the best shot I could get, but trust me, they are everywhere. On the bright side, we had NO mosquitoes this year so this is a wonderful alternative!

When I was little, and I found a ladybug, it was customary to release it after making a wish. Somewhat like blowing all the seeds off of a dandelion. Man, if that really worked, I could have anything and everything today!!

10 thoughts on “Home Invasion or Plague of the Ladybugs

  1. You would think it would be too cold for them this time of year, but the day I took the picture it was close to 80 degrees. As I write this it is supposed to be 31 degrees tonight. So, sadly, I think this is the evening of death for all those cute little bugs.

  2. Oh you lucky ones! In Germany ladybugs are called “Marienkäfer” after Blessed Mother Mary and stand vor much luck!
    I´ve never seen so much at one place before. We don´t have ladybugs yet, we only have snow, cold and winterfeelings. :o)
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. I feel your pain DK. Our home is invaded with the pesky little bugs too. Apparently, this variety of ladybug move into warm places to spend the winter. We had them last winter too. They are definitely a nuisance.

  4. Here in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada), the south side of our house is covered by lady bugs generally in October or November for a few days when the sun is shining. It has happened three or four years in a row now and has us totally puzzled. The first year was amazing. It looked like our house had a severe case of measles. They get into the house as well which I don’t like at all. This year, there weren’t that many or maybe we just missed seeing them during the day.

  5. We have that problem around here too. It was a topic of discussion in our Master Gardener class 2 weeks ago. The teacher said to get rid of them without killing them, you can get a clean vacuum cleaner, suck them up and take them outside- far from your house and release them. They will find another warm place to winter over.

    They are looking for warm places to spend the winter this time of year and love our houses. They are benign, but a nuscience. They are wonderful pest controllers in the spring and summer, though, so don’t kill them if you don’t have to.

    You have to use a clean vacuum cleaner bag when you vac them up. You’ll probably need to do this repeatedly until it gets cold for good, but it will help

  6. They are so cute. I agree with one of the other posters when they swarm they are said to be good luck. The first time I ever saw this happen was in October of 2000 in Michigan. I was having my first child on the 4th floor and the windows were covered with them.

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