Monday’s Poll Question

What I do at the Auburn Basketball Games.I have been considering doing a Nautical Knitter podcast and I found myself wondering how many of you out there would be interested in hearing from my part of the earth. So, what to do? I created a poll in the sidebar for you all to let me know what you think. Please vote!! If you are interested in hearing a podcast from the Nautical Knitter helm, please leave me comments on what you would like to hear about. Do you want to know more about basic knitting techniques? Would you like to be updated on the latest patterns, yarns, etc.? Or, would you just like to hang out with us, knit, and see what happens? Additionally, I have been trying to decide which direction to take the blog as well. Do you want more technical content? or would you prefer more personal stuff about us and the boat? or perhaps a mixture of both? Comments are welcome!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Monday’s Poll Question

  1. I would like anything and everything. I like to hear how other people live in other areas of the country. And of course I like anything and everything about knitting!

  2. I would be interested in a podcast that was a little of everything. Some about you, some about what you’re knitting, some about what you’re thinking about knitting… Above all though, I find that I stick with podcasts where the episodes are about 30 mins or less. More than that and I find it hard to fit into my schedule! I look forward to it.

  3. You talk…I’ll listen! You know I love to talk about knitting. And Blazer….gotta talk about Blazer! Let’s see….what else? Oh yeah, the beach! The boat. Ummmm…gee I guess you just gotta talk about everything! : )

  4. I would love a Nautical Knitter podcast. I think a mixture of everything would be most interesting to a mix of people. I think the same goes with the blog. Podcasts and podcasts get boring if there’s nothing about the person behind them.

  5. Everything they said and more! Ayup, 30 minutes is perfect, tidbits about you and y’alls, (including Blazer and Mr. K, if he wants to play), knit techniques, favorite stitch patterns (and why?), design ideas (and why?) You see…inquiring minds want to know!

  6. Oh a podcast would be great!!! You just have to do what you like and we’ll like it too. Oh and with your blog-you post what you want and I’ll be here reading. It’s fun because it’s you. :))

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