Ever have one of those weeks?

This past week turned out to be one of those weeks for us. Throughout all the details that follow I was able to somehow keep my sanity and keep my schedule in regards to the Secret of the Stole KAL. A huge THANK YOU and a big CYBER HUG go out to my friend Reba for helping me keep the group on an even keel during our travels. So, here is what happened.

AubieIt all began on Tuesday when we took our dog Aubie to the vet because he wasn’t feeling well. As I said in the last post we were leaving on Friday for a 10 day trip to Colorado and we needed to find out what was wrong with him so we would know whether to board him or not. I won’t go into all the particulars, but, on Wednesday we were informed that his one or more of his organs was failing and the dog that just the day before was following me around the house, would not make it through the day. We rushed to the vet and I was able to hold him while he breathed his last. The dog that gave me over 14 years of happiness and completely unconditional love was gone.

Blazer and Aubie in their most common position

Since neither DH, myself, or our remaining dog, Blazer, wanted to be in the house with the memories of Aubie everywhere, we decided to leave a day early for our trip. The trip to the cabin was quiet and uneventful. I was planning on knitting up a storm and couldn’t manage to do but a few rows. Blazer was given the king’s throne in the car and seemed to enjoy it. After 1500 miles and way too much junk food, we arrived at the cabin in Creede, CO (altitude 11,000 ft) mid-day on Saturday.

On Sunday, we found Blazer lying very still and lethargic on his bed in the motor home. This is highly unusual for him since he has for the past 14 years been extremely vocal and interested in anything that was going on around him. He slowly emerged out of his grogginess and we thought it was just an “altitude” issue. Until later that evening, when we were checking on him and he had a seizure, stiffened up his body, flailed his head back and briefly stopped breathing. When the seizure was over he was once again lethargic and mostly unresponsive, leading us to believe that that was what had happened earlier in the day as well.

The following morning we called our vet and he basically told us that we should get him off the mountain and bring him in asap. We were stunned and saddened that Blazer was now ill and we would be cutting our trip so short. Tuesday, we left Creede and 1500 miles later we arrived back at home. Blazer went to the vet today and, wouldn’t you know it, all his blood work turned out “normal”. He is not diabetic, anemic, suffering from a heart murmur or even heart worms. That was the best news we could have had this week. We will hear about his thyroid test soon and if that comes back clean then the next thing the vet said we could do is a CAT scan to check for a brain tumor. I found this to be a point of amusement since it was an interesting name for a scan of a dog’s brain. A CAT scan is not happening on a 14 year old dog in my house, so we will just have to watch him closely and keep him company from now on since his brother is gone.

William’s BirthdayOn a brighter note, when we arrived at the cabin William, our grandson, and his parents were already there, as were my mom and dad. It was William’s birthday (2 yrs) and we had a great time visiting with him. The festivities and family time took our minds off our loss, if just for a little while.

To the left is a three generation photo of William, Bryan (his father in the background), and Scott (my DH and Bryan’s dad). The photos we took of William and of Blazer while we were there are just priceless and I will post more of them soon on our personal blog Door Number Three for anyone who is interested.

All in all, it was just one of those weeks…

10 thoughts on “Ever have one of those weeks?

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. We had two cocker spaniels we adopted from the cocker rescue when they were 12. We got to have two happy years with them. Cockers are such good dogs.

  2. I’m so sorry you had such an awful week of it all. I imagine grandchildren are the source of some happiness in all of this. We too lost our beloved pet Newfoundland this past season, only to find out our English Bulldog is on borrowed time. I know your pain and grieve with you for the loss of your companion. Hugs.

  3. I am sorry for your loss.
    Our lovely 4 yo cocker went from spunky to dead in 24 hours – the vet (after about $3k) said his liver had increased in size about 5 times because of all the liver cells exploding, which used all his clotting factor – probably ingested a mushroom (or ate acetamenaphin (Tylenol) which we do not have in our house). We are really, really careful about de-mushrooming our yard now.

  4. I know how stressful dog illnesses can be. I almost lost my Oscar a few years back, but now he is happily chewing on a bone next to my spinning wheel. The word “lethargic” triggers me to beg you to ask your vet about Addison’s disease. It does not show up on normal blood tests, you need to do an ACTH test to find out. Our vet was ready to put him down, but when we took him to an emergency hospital after an episode similar to what you described with Blazer the vet there immediately suspected Addison’s and within 5 days of IV fluids and meds Oscar was back to himself, and has been with few hiccups since January 2005. I don’t mean to preach, but if that one vet hadn’t caught it my best friend might not be here.

  5. So sorry to read of your loss – my eyes are brimming with tears. So sad to lose a beloved pet. I hope all is well with Blazer. Loved the photos of your dear pets.

  6. Thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes regarding the loss of Aubie. He is missed daily. Blazer is, at this very moment, enduring a bath to rid him of fleas that he has suddenly been attacked by. This dog is worse than any cat when it comes to bathing, so Mr. K is doing it, not me. Anyway, Blazer is doing fine and has not had any more seizures to date.

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