Our grandson’s birthday is at the end of this month. He and his parents live in Colorado, not Alabama where we are, so in order to be there to celebrate the event we are leaving Alabama this Friday, September 21, 2007. We will be gone from the house for about 10 days, putting us back here around Monday, October 1, 2007. I hope to get a lot of knitting done on the way there and on the way back (we are driving).

Sheepaints YarnOne of the problems with having several projects started is figuring out which ones to take with you on a trip. I will be taking (and finishing up) my Secret of the Stole, but I can’t post photos of that yet. So I will likely pack a couple of other projects as well. The Frost Flowers and Leaves Shawl is large enough to keep me warm while I work on it so I will be taking it to work on while at the cabin. Boy we sure are looking forward to the cooler temperatures for the week. We are ready for a break from the Alabama drought and just plain hot days.

I will post photos of the trip and updates, when possible. Perhaps I can find a moose to pose with my knitting. At a minimum I will have lots of mountain photos with my knitting in the foreground. I really hope the aspens have started to change color by the time we get there. Stay tuned.

On the knitting front today, I found this yarn shop through Lime & Violet’s Daily. The yarn colors are delicious.   Although I did not find much in the way of lace weight, there were plenty of choices in the sock yarn category. In the US you can get this yarn through Wool Girl.

2 thoughts on “Tripping

  1. It is beautiful here in Colorado! Unfortunately the Aspens have not started changing yet it is still a few weeks too early.

    May I suggest stopping by Lambspun in Fort Collins if you are in the area (possibly on Tuesday late morning) and bring your Secret of the Stole to work on 😉
    Lambspun is a great shop with spinning, weaving and knitting goodies galore!

    Have a safe trip!

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