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I picked up a couple of crochet hooks while shopping the other day and decided to give them away as an extra prize for the Secret of the Stole, KAL. A tiny crochet hook is used to place beads within your knitted piece as you are knitting it. There is a great tutorial here for how this is done. Since many of the participants in this KAL have never done this technique before I thought I would continue my habit of enabling and put a couple of these hooks up for grabs. If you are a participant in the KAL and need a hook for your beading of this piece just leave me a comment on this post and I will have the DH choose two lucky winners tomorrow, September 13, 2007. You have until 5pm US central time tomorrow. Pithy, loquacious, and implorable comments are all welcome.

58 thoughts on “OOOH, Sparkley

  1. Ooooo, oooo, me, me. You’re the enabler and I’m the addict. I’m quite excited about this project and it comes just in time after completing the MS3 project.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  2. I’ve not used a crochet hook for the beads before. I used some dental floss threaders. I’d like to try a hook.. maybe it will be easier. Thanks for offering these fun “extras”! Patty

  3. I have never tried beads before and have been debating if I wanted to spend the money on the beads and hook. I have until October to decide. I am looking forward to knitting this.

  4. I would have to say that my favorite part of this KAL so far is that I am doing it with my mom, this is no small feat as she lives back home in Canada and I am currently living in Texas. Thanks for taking us on the ride of the Secret of the Stole we are going to have great fun knitting together yet apart. 🙂

  5. You are just writing about me *s*.
    I´m in the KAL and never ever used beads in my knitting!

    I do have a box of beads but no crochet hook as tiny as requiered for such things.

    I waiting for the KAL to start!

  6. I’m new to lace but I used to love beading so I’m just itching to try beaded lace. Haven’t found a small enough crochet hook for myself yet so I’ve been messing around with dental floss on a needle. Works fine but the wax on the dental floss is totally creeping me out!

  7. If I won this hook –

    I would use it to make a swatch;
    but I’d be careful of my watch.

    My beads they would not spill;
    they’d sit neatly. What a thrill!

    I can’t wait to make this stole;
    So come Christmas, Ma won’t get coal!

    I do so hope I win-
    So much roving left to spin!

    So thank you for hosting this project
    This will be a fabulous finished object!

  8. I have never used beads with yarn before so this will be an adventure.
    Plus I am spinning my yarn so this is turning into quite the project. I do have high hopes for it though.

  9. I was already facing the fact that I would have to skip the beads for this project. While I can find some beads, it seems impossible to find a crochet hook that small in my country. Now, there’s hope again for me 😉
    Thank you for the fabulous idea of giving away those tiny crochet hooks. I am already so excited about the stole – maybe even with beads…

  10. thank you so much for the link. I am so looking forward to the KAL, but have never ever used beads, (okay i admit i have never done lace either) I can’t wait, I am so excited!!!!

  11. Oh, I really want to get one of these hook! I´ve never knitted with beads before and for learning that technique, i used a piece of silver wire…not professional, right?

  12. I think this is awfully nice of you to do this. And, I would love to have this, I have hunted all over town for the right size hook and they are not to be found in my little town. Thanks.

  13. You have to be the most generous KAL hostess I have ever seen. I have done 2 shawls with beads now and love the crochet method. I have even mastered it enough to do in the car, when I am riding 😉 Can’t wait to get started.

  14. I am very excited about the project – I have never used lace weight before – I am working on my swatch from some of the yarn I bought and salvaged from the skein mess I created – send some good untangle vibes my way please! ;0

  15. Thanks so much for this KAL! I’m excited to try a stole with beads! Am I the only one who’s glad we have some time before this begins? I want to get some WIPs finished so I can concentrate on this!

  16. I think this is one of the best run KAL’s that I’ve been part of. You keep it interesting, while we wait for the fun to begin. I love it! Now all I need to do is clear my needles before the main event.

  17. I was wondering where I was going to find a small enough crochet hook. I’ve been blocking almost-FO’s all week and I’ve got damp arms from pinning and threading wires through scarves – details in my blog. There’s also some great dog pictures of big dogs. 😀

  18. Don’t think “implorable” is a word – but I do understand begging!

    If you don’t win the hook here I can promise you that chappywoman has these tiny things on her ebay store :
    NAYY – just happy with the 2 I bought – quick, easy friendly …what more could you ask for – oh – I know – free gifts!

    Love the beads on ms3 … can’t wait to do more.


  19. OOh, consider me entered! I have so far been unable to find one of those hooks anywhere locally, and we have 2–yes 2!–LYS’s and 2 craft stores! so frustrating. Here’s to hoping that my name is drawn! oh, and wish me luck with my yarn–i’m really hoping it arrives in time for the “kick off”!

    This is sooo exciting! I can’t wait for the first clue!

  20. Please enter me!

    I finally got my yarn today after some postal hangups. Knitpicks shadow in Sunset…sooooo gorgeous. I also got some Oregon Coast, but I think I’m gonna use that color for the Chrysopolis stole.

    I need to go bead shopping tomorrow. I’m hoping for something sort of coppery perhaps, but we’ll see what captures me.

  21. I haven’t used beads before and would really like to. To win a hook to do the beading with would be a sign that I’m supposed to bead this shawl!

    I’m waiting in high anticipation of the beginning of the clues!
    Thanks so much for doing this KAL.

  22. I have one crochet hook that is just small enough to pass through one third of the beads I am using… which drives me totally crazy. So if you want me to help keep my sanity, please send me a tinier one!
    And btw, I am looking forward to start this kal. Mystery Stole 3 was just pure fun and now I miss my lace!
    xo from switzerland

  23. Me! Me!

    I’ve never done lace, never done KAL, never done beads.

    I’m willing to do my first lace and my first KAL, if I win a crochet I’d be willing to try beads! 🙂

  24. This is my 2nd KAL, the first was MS3, in included beads, but I didn’t have the right size hook, every one I tried didn’t work. I would be very happy to have the right kind. thank you.

  25. I really enjoyed your blog especially the tutorial on how to crochet the beads. You have alot of useful information on your blog.
    I know I could really use the crochet hook.

  26. I’d really like the crochet hook! Due to school for both me and DH and saving for baby and whatnot, I really can’t spend any more money on knitting supplies until November. Soooo… two nights ago found me sitting on the living room floor, pulling and pulling, trying to get the plastic off from around the wire of a twistie tie so I could use it to bead my stole. (Can you believe it? I couldn’t find a single one with paper instead of plastic). And then? When I finally got the plastic off? (Teeth are good for more than just chewing food, by the way) It was too big to fit through many of my size 8 beads! As things stand, I just have to hope that I have enough of the larger-holed beads to fit my makeshift hook through.

    SOooooo… I would make very good use of it. Please choose me!! 😉

    Also, I wanted to tell you, thank you for this KAL. I know you’re not making money providing us with all this fun, and you’re buying prizes for us to boot. Things like this really bring the knitting community (even though it’s such a solitary activity) together. And that’s a great thing 🙂 Thank you!

  27. Can’t wait for this to start. MS3 was my first secret stole and it was great fun to knit and was my first try at using beads. This will be a Christmas present but not sure yet who will get it…when it’s done, then I’ll know.


  28. This will be my first beaded project. The yarn is ordered, I’m just waiting for it to come in so I can take it with me bead shopping. Not having to buy a hook would be great!

  29. Hey,

    I love beads. Can’t wait for this to start, but I have a question actually, what size crochet hook did you get. For lace it really has to be tiny, unfortunately.

  30. I am really enjoying the process of this KAL. It is my first time laceknitting and so far has been a wonderful experience. You are a great listmom.

  31. I am so looking fwd to knitting this stole but the only thing that worries me is adding the beads , so all the help that you have provided is gratefuly appreciated as would a crochet hook 😉

  32. I was considering not using beads (I bought them anyway, of course- so pretty and shiny…) but I figured that the point here is to try something new, so I’m going all the way with it. Of course, this is assuming that I can ever pick up my yarn from the post office…
    Thanks for a great group (and a lovely giveaway)!

  33. Love the blog! I can’t wait to get started on the secret stole kal! This will be my first lace project as well as my first bead project! I am going to choose my lace this weekend at the fiber arts fair!

  34. Well, I’ve used the fuzzy dental floss technique, which works pretty well, actually. But I think I’d like to become a hooker… ~ : )
    (54 isn’t too old, is it???) Kaykaren

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