Fiber Find of the Week and the Civil War Shawl, KAL

While perusing the various blogs that I subscribe to I came across a photo of some beautiful yarn the author had just received in the mail. It took a little enlarging of the photo on my part, but I finally figured out what label the yarn was and visited their website. The yarn is called Tess and the colors are beautiful!

Tess Yarns

Since I already have two Secret of the Stoles in the works I am thinking of ordering some of this beautiful stuff for the Civil War Shawl that is in my queue. I hope to start this shawl at the beginning of the year 2008. I have just recently taken ownership of the Yahoo Group – Civil War Shawl KAL where I will be starting the KAL up again at that time. If you would like to join me in making this beautiful shawl next year feel free to join the group and knit along with me.

The pattern is available here or alternately it was printed in Cast On Magazine, Winter/Spring 2001. I purchased the magazine for my pattern and I think I got it on eBay. There are no charts for this pattern. However, since I like to knit from charts, I am considering charting it for my own sanity.

5 thoughts on “Fiber Find of the Week and the Civil War Shawl, KAL

  1. That yarn looks absolutely gorgeous!

    I’ve joined the Secret of the Stole, but expect I’ll be well behind in the knitting of this one as I have a Christmas gift I have to knit up first. But I’m looking forward to watching the pattern unfold.

  2. I saw Tess Yarns many years ago at Maryland Sheep and Wool. There booth is the one that was always so packed. They have beautiful yarn that is all dyed to match no matter what the weight or content. I’m sure your shawl will be gorgeous! Happy Knitting!

  3. Oooo, that yarn is positively yummy. By the way, I’m in the process of knitting the Civil War Shawl (joined for the June 2007 KAL but had to, gulp, rip back from row 154 I realized I’d made a major mistake on row 80. Ouch!). There are charts for the Civil War shawl, at least in part, provided by the lovely knitters who went before. They’re in the various folders on the group’s Yahoo site.

  4. Ooooh DK, it looks like you are trying to get us all addicted to lace knitting! This Civil War Shawl is beautiful. It also appears super complicated. I have the CW yahoo group saved in my faves. I will see how I do on the SotS first, before I jump into the CW. The yarn is pretty tooooo!!! You are such an enabler! LOL

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