Prizes, shhhhhh….

Knitpicks “Shadow” Lace Weight YarnWe have our first prize to give away in the Secret of Stole KAL. To find out the criteria for winning you must be a member of the KAL. Don’t worry, if you didn’t make it in time for this one we just might have another prize give-a-way soon, just keep watching, you never know.If you haven’t joined the KAL yet, come on in, only a few weeks left to join.Good luck everyone. DK

4 thoughts on “Prizes, shhhhhh….

  1. More than 500 members already AND you’re offering prizes? How cool is this!
    Thanks for the on-going smiles and the opportunity to make some new friends via this whole adventure.
    PS – I was a Coastie…that’s where we learned that I get sea-sick on a swing-set…LOL. Still got my Honorable Discharge but have had enough of boats for this lifetime. Sure did enjoy peeking into your boating world though. Laughalot is a great name!

  2. Wow, now I read on the site that we are over 1000! Oh, I can’t wait to start, Oct. seems so far away. What a beautiful give away prize. With prizes like that you’ll have everyone here knitting this stole.

  3. Thanks for starting this KAL! It’s very exciting to have this many women join!

    Having prizes makes it even more exciting!


    p.s. did you know your Secret of the Stole & Ravelry buttons don’t work properly?

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