Revealing the Secret of the Stole

The general info and swatch chart have been completed and uploaded to the Secret of the Stole KAL site. It was a lot of work actually putting down everything I could think of to help the members get started on this lovely stole without mentioning the theme or giving away the secret.

If you haven’t joined the group yet, we would love to have you.

3 thoughts on “Revealing the Secret of the Stole

  1. Hey–I’m commenting here so it’s not lost in your older posts, but your mystery stole is gorgeous! I really like it in the darker color.

    (And thanks for visiting my blog.)

  2. Hi,

    I just signed up for your KAL. I am very excited to get started.

    It just hit me, I should have asked you first. I posted your information regarding this KAL in two Yahoo Groups. I hope this ok and I sincerly apologize for not asking you first.

    Carol Stewart Stypulkowski

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