Secret of the Stole

Well, I think I have finally done it. I have figuratively gone off the deep end of the boat. Just when I was clocking along at a pretty good clip on my current lace (and other) projects a theme for a stole hit me like a brick. I began feverishly designing and charting this stole pattern and the theme just flowed onto the graph. So, one thing led to another last night and around midnight central time I realized that this would be a great KAL stole.

Since the Mystery Stole #3 is winding down I realized there needed to be a little time for a breather, but this stole would be a great one to be worn on New Year’s Eve. With those things in mind we should be able to begin on time and complete the stole in time for those NYE parties. So, without further ado, I present to you:

Secret of the Stole
First Clue – October 5, 2007

I have created a Yahoo group by the same name if you would like to join. For those of you on Ravelry, I created a group there by the same name as well but will be distributing the clues hints only on the Yahoo group. Button coming soon…

UPDATE: To view more information about the Secret of the Stole I and the new Secret of the Stole II, please go to the new Secret of the Stole site and you can now purchase the finished pattern in full from that site at or you can purchase the pattern directly from here as a digital download in .pdf for $7.00.

We started this new knitting site KnitWith.Us to provide a single location for the most up to date information, enjoy.

11 thoughts on “Secret of the Stole

  1. I am beyond excited to finally “be in time” for a secret KAL! I’ve signed up, posted my intro, already found a new pal in my own state and just got your snazzy button up on my blog. Now I’m off to yarn shop! Thank you for doing this!

  2. I would love to have a special shawl for NYE!! That will be awesome, and I will be looking at some yarn this weekend. This time maybe I will go for a nice rich eggplant, Black or Midnight blue color. Oh this is going to be so great. Hope it is something that a novice lace knitter can follow! Thanks for starting this KAL!!

  3. I am totally new to this….so be patient with me. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, but originally from So. California. I knitted a bit when I was a kid, but my mother pretty much ruined it as something enjoyable, so I quit. I broke my back about 4 + years ago and found out that I could be flat on my back, take pain pills and still do some easy knitting. Now I am addicted to yarn (not the pills!) and my husband swears that I can “smell” a yarn shop even when I am asleep in our car on a road trip !

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  5. Hi! I’m new to the SOS KAL group, the “art” of groups, posts, replies, links, etc. So forgive me! I live in Centennial, Colorado (burb of Denver). It’s good to meet a fellow Coloradan and I ook forward to the KAL!

  6. Hi–
    I am new to KAL’s too…and so excited to find one!!! Thank you for
    starting this one!!!
    I am knew to lace knitting, but I think I already have the yarn in my stash that will be perfect—it is the colors of the sunrise, and SOOOOO soft.
    I have posted to join, and hope to find a pal in my state–

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  9. Can you please send me the written insructions once again for Clue 5 ? It was accidently deleted from my email. Thank you .

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